All R&D Outsourcing Needs

We feel justifiably proud in being professional disturbers, innovators and game changers. Ultimately, we believe in the complete transformation of the age old and moribund business modules and their replacement with fresh and vibrant ones so that you and your business can not just keep abreast but also step far ahead of the times.
We believe in creating a pathway for turning your dreams into reality though the creation of a platform that is both vibrant as well as viable.
Zonopact Innovation Lab is a bridge not just between the movers and shakers of our times such as technologists, mathematicians, Historians, psychologists, but also the budding entrepreneurs on the cusp of launching their own SME enterprise.
R&D outsourcing is the best way to prioritize your core business functions

Exploring R&D outsourcing opportunities: The ZLAB way

One of our most effective and proven techniques is to commence our operations with a core/non-core analysis of all the elements that determine the utility of a given product. Basically, we will take the products currently under production and methodically analyze all their elements so as to be able to determine if the activities that take place during its development, are of primary importance to the overall business and the achievements of its objectives.

Business operations

On this basis of this analysis, we will help determine if it is required that different parts of a product or indeed the entire product itself may be safely passed on to the suppliers for both development as well as maintenance of the same. Here we try and maintain a certain degree of flexibility with regard to assembly lines. So, that in future due to any reason (new product development or budgetary constraints for instance) the enterprise will be ready and in a position to take charge once again and increase its overall development productivity.

The importance of outsourcing R&D services

All business enterprises ‘need’ to realize and understand the importance of focusing their resources in the right direction so that they can easily manage to stay competitive in a VUCA environment where all variables may be considered “volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.”

Process innovation

From the SME or small and medium enterprises perspective there is another way of tacking R&D related issues since almost all SMEs tend to pursue highly focused and niche oriented strategies they tend to be relatively successful in their cumulative endeavors. Here, it may make sound marketing and financial sense to focus only core competencies, but too much reliance and focus on the same may mean that the enterprise may well end up missing some highly important technological developments in their respective industry. However, outsourcing their main competencies to the proven experts in the field may mean that that not only could they derive benefit from the latest developments in their respective field but also simultaneously increase both their market as well as customer base to a large extent. Moreover, they will also be in regular touch with other firms and experts so that they would remain abreast of all the latest innovations in their field and are able to take advantage of the same before many of their more conservative competitors.

Our R&D services for SME's

When launching a new SME enterprise many entrepreneurs often face the conundrum of either keeping their highly valuable R&D resources in house or alternatively, outsourcing the same. While the idea of keeping all R&D related activities in house is pretty alluring, but nevertheless it can stifle growth since the resources of a new SME enterprise may be limited at best. But the inherent fear of losing valuable research and the resources required in the development of new products and services to competitors makes many SME’s fear the concept of outsourcing their research and development related activities to outsiders. However, that is not really the case since many such highly reliable R&D service providers exist today, in the market in just about all the countries of the world and most them have some really great and proven track records in their respective fields. Nevertheless, while some business enterprises ‘may’ be willing to development only suppliers so as to divest their assembly lines of certain components, but they remain uncertain with regard to outsourcing their whole research altogether.

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    Where we can step in

    We have a tangible game plan that we can implement, as and when required for all research and development oriented issues and queries, we can help in the following situations.

    The process or service does not constitute your core business activities

    All research and development activities that do not help in directly generating revenues or creating success in a highly competitive environment per se, can be easily and safely dispensed with, by outsourcing the same to outside concerns. Thanks to our proven track record and our uniquely innovative approach we can add far more value to your products and services then if you were to rely only on in house research and development activities.

    Continuous spending on IT and other infrastructural development

    Should you feel that you are spending more on infrastructure and IT architecture rather than actually fulfilling the demands of your customers then you should consider outsourcing your R&D solutions to us. We have the relevant expertise and experience in the field to make sure that you can leave your R&D in our hands easily. We have all the resources to ensure that the job gets done right.

    Excessive time and resources being spent on R&D

    If you are spending an excessive amount of time on non-essential issues than on production and strategies it effectively means that you are ignoring the core functions of your business. This can translate to lesser orders in the long run.