What is Legacy Software?

It is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to maintain legacy IT systems and products. There is a shortage of skilled personnel in older technology stacks, and the systems are frequently run on unreliable and expensive legacy hardware. Security is in doubt, and upgrading the system seems a daunting task.

Legacy Modernisation Challenges

The following are some of the most common challenges businesses face when modernizing their legacy systems:

IT system modernisation benefits

IT system modernisation is not about reinventing the wheel each time – it involves optimising legacy systems and enabling your data, code, applications and devices to work smarter for you.

More responsive UI & UX

Satisfied customers & users.

Fast & easy updates

Responding to changing market conditions.

Unprecedented data security

Using the latest firewalls & protections.

Lower Risk - Use existing code

No need to overhaul your entire IT system.

Seamless data access, anywhere

Through the cloud or on the move.

Enhanced IT infrastructure

New mobile & web assets and applications.

High-speed data access

Regardless of input load & transaction volume.

Reuse & redevelop your applications

No more 'rip-and-replace'!

Legacy Modernization Services We Provide

Software Re-architecting

Software Re-engineering

Legacy Application Upgrade

API Integrations

Desktop to Web Application Migration

Software System Assessments and Audits

Benefits of legacy application modernization

Real-Time Global Data Access And Backup

Increase Revenue Streams

Readiness For Mobility And AI Strategies

Better Integration With Other App Ecosystems

Higher Scalability

Enhance Security

Reduce Costs

Remote Workforce Compatibility

Not sure whether you need to invest in software modernisation?

Here are a couple of reasons why you should do it ASAP:

Modernize your application portfolio cost-effectively

Why choose us?

There are multiple departments within every organization and managing them is a challenging task. Zonopact, as your IT service provider, helps you avoid these challenges by maintaining your IT infrastructure. By employing additional IT experts, we save you the costs of keeping it completely operational, updated, and secure. As a result, you are able to focus more on your core service areas. Assuring user satisfaction and a smooth transition from your in-house team are some of the things we support you in.

We’ll find the best tech to upgrade your app with!

Let us help you update your existing code or introduce a brand new product experience to your users.


Get on board with the most popular mobile OS


Speak the Apple language fluently with iOS


Get it all at once with cross-platform development


Create a web app compatible with any browser

Cloud deployment

Access a new level of security & scalability

Artificial Intelligence

Update your app with the latest tech stack

Upgrade your app the right way with Zonopact

At our software house, we are tackling the most complicated tasks with the curiosity of a startup and the efficiency of a market leader. When you choose Zonopact, you choose

Awarded solutions

Google, Deloitte, GoodFirms, and many others have recognized, nominated, and appraised our projects worldwide

Satisfied clients

We receive referrals from nine out of ten of our partners. As a result, we not only deliver the best results, but also ensure the journey is enjoyable and engaging.

Bold technologies

As one of the first companies to adopt and experiment with Flutter, you can be sure to get a team that is not afraid of modern approaches

Experienced teams

Since we have been in the market for over 10 years, we have gained extensive expertise in a wide variety of industries.

Custom app development

Are you not 100% certain that legacy software modernisation will do the trick for you? Try custom app development instead and start fresh! With a custom application created individually for your needs and requirements, you can rest assured that it will do exactly what you intended it to do. Drive more customers, grow your revenue, and leave competitors far behind!

Emerging Technologies For Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence

Automate any operation by using AI-based algorithms such as machine learning and deep learning...

Internet of Things

Make use of IoT devices to continuously monitor your operations in a secure, well-built infrastructure...


Secure your business data with a private blockchain, automate key management...

Cloud Computing

Make your business environment more efficient by using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services...

Big Data

Create a scalable method for enhancing your business intelligence, and develop a reliable means of doing so...

Augmented Reality

Developing 3D prototypes in augmented reality, implementing AR enterprise training applications...

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    Do you have additional questions?

    An organization’s IT infrastructure must be smart, secure, and scalable in order to compete in an increasingly competitive business environment. As well as leveraging the latest technology stacks, such as Cloud, AI/ML, Blockchain, RPA, and Data Analytics, while adhering to stringent regulatory requirements.

    Is your legacy infrastructure capable of handling the growing demands of your business? Not sure? Contact our experts for a free consultation.
    Since data is the backbone of a business, our modernization experts ensure that the digital transformation process does not disrupt your business continuity by transferring your data securely from legacy databases to modern cloud-based databases.
    The experts at Zonopact assess your existing infrastructure and recommend a modernization approach that is tailored to your changing business requirements. With the help of our skilled team of technical architects, developers, UX designers, and other resources, we are able to develop and re-engineer high-quality applications that are robust, scalable, and secure.
    The duration of a legacy software modernization depends on several factors, including the complexity of the existing infrastructure, the availability of a suitable cloud platform, the number of man hours required, etc. To ensure fast deployment and user adoption, we focus on re-usability of business logic.
    A number of factors influence the cost of legacy software modernization services, including the existing infrastructure, the technology stack, the business objective, the scope of the project, and the engagement model you choose. To revitalize the application, our modernization experts assess the existing portfolio according to a number of parameters.