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Zonopact Blockchain Lab believes that Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) can enhance transparency, automation, and efficiency in businesses and nonprofits. To get tangible business results from Blockchain and DLTs, most organizations find it difficult to understand and apply their full potential. By implementing blockchain and DLT across your organization, our team is passionate about utilizing our technical capabilities, experience, and product mindset to help you gain real business value.

Zonopact Blockchain Lab has access to the largest pool of blockchain engineers, cryptography experts, and cybersecurity experts in Eastern Europe, as part of the Zonopact Group. Several SMBs and enterprises have already benefited from our expertise, including E&Y, the London Stock Exchange, The World Bank, Nestle, and Shell.

Blockchain security audit by Zonopact

Zonopact can help you to comply with different blockchain security audit protocols for managing legal, regulatory, operational, and financial risks

Security governance

In order to define security governance for distributed systems, we focus on three key elements


Enhancing the ability to defend critical assets against known and emerging threats...


Adapt and respond rapidly to changes and demands both internally and externally...

Hire Remote Blockchain Developers

You can hire a remote blockchain development team that has at least 5 years’ experience in areas like


Benefits of Blockchain Technology

We leverage reliable platforms

Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service

Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service

IBM Blockchain Platform

Azure Blockchain Workbench

Google Cloud Platform

Our Custom Blockchain Development Services

Open Chain

A Blockchain-based ledger technology, OpenChain provides developers with unified APIs for creating Smart Contracts

Hyperledger development

As a result of Hyperledger, stakeholders are protected from unauthorized access to critical information and digital keys. The platform provides a new generation of transactional applications...

Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency wallets enable users to store and retrieve their digital assets, as well as transact using them. Cryptocurrency wallets are used to manage cryptocurrencies...

Ethereum Apps

As an open source platform based on blockchain technology, Ethereum uses Solidity as its primary programming language...


It is a real-time currency exchange and payment network based on a common ledger that constantly compares records of transactions...

Cryptocurrency Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchanges provide a platform for trading and exchanging crypto currencies for other currencies or fiat currencies. Cryptocurrencies...


Multichain is a platform that allows users to set optimal controls over their transactions. As a result of the MultiChain platform, the business is able to manage...


Multichain is a platform that allows users to set optimal controls over their transactions. As a result of the MultiChain platform, the business is able to manage...

Non-Fungible Token

Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are a special type of cryptographic token. Using Blockchain technology, it links a digital asset to a blockchain...

Choose Zonopact for Flexible Remote Development

Taking a cost-efficient route to rapid product development by hiring a remote development team is the new way to engage tech experts. Own your own remote development team with extensive experience in blockchain applications such as the NFT marketplace, DeFi lending software, dApps, and many others.

Cryptocurrency Development

Using the knowledge and experience of skilled blockchain and cryptocurrency developers, your designated team guides you through the cryptocurrency creation process.

Blockchain Wallets

Streamline your cryptocurrency portfolio with a flexible, safe, and secure universal wallet. You can do more with our security fundamentals whether you are using a non-custodial wallet or a hardware wallet.

Multi Chain Development

When setting up your own private blockchain according to your organization's needs, you can reduce development & deployment timelines by up to 80%. Create an eco-system that supports your organization's short- and long-term goals using a team of experts who are consistently up-to-date on MultiChain developments...

Blockchain Exchange Apps

Give our blockchain experts complete control of your project to capitalize on the latest (D)ecentralized (Ex)change trends and innovations. They develop cryptocurrency exchange platforms that support multiple cryptocurrencies and payment methods as well as KYC and AML solutions.

Smart Contracts

Today, smart contracts are the backbone of all blockchain solutions and decentralized applications. Being an integral part of most products, it is important to ensure that your digital contract (ERC-20 Token Contracts, ERC-721 Smart Contracts, Token Redemption functions, etc.) is a zero breach computer-based contract. It is your responsibility to design the contract architecture and optimize the contract to reduce the gas fee for execution.

Blockchain Development Tools and Frameworks We Use







Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain













We Serve

Blockchain Technology offers new possibilities beyond finance. Businesses in various segments are leveraging this revolutionary technology to bring transparency and traceability in the value chain. Employing Blockchain technology, we provide seamless and protected activities in mobile banking, purchasing, and other forms of record-keeping applications.

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    Segments We Have Experience In

    Automobile manufacturers have begun to use blockchain technology to streamline operations in order to increase revenue and services. As a result of utilizing blockchain technology in automobile quality-inspection, the manufacturing process can be made more transparent and informative throughout the entire process.


    Blockchain technology is being used in healthcare facilities for the storage and utilization of electronic health records in order to deliver a complete telemedicine experience. Using blockchain technology reduces duplication of effort by providing secure access to patient records to any medical practitioner.


    The use of blockchain technology in finance facilitates the development of payment infrastructures to facilitate online payments. As a result, it is more cost-effective to connect payment processors globally in order to minimize foreign exchange risk. As a result of blockchain technology, Fintech companies are able to track international payments in real-time, making the process more efficient and faster.


    Blockchain can provide retailers with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. As a result of leveraging blockchain technology in retail, loyalty and trust are built while online fraud risk is reduced. Using blockchain technology and digitalized security in retail, consumers’ digital identity and information can be managed in real-time.

    Supply Chain

    Our supply chain services improve transparency, traceability, and reduce administrative costs. The blockchain technology addresses a number of issues so that supply chain development covers the entire life cycle of a block of data, from the point of origin to the warehouse, logistics, retail, and end-user.

    Real Estate

    As a result of blockchain technology, real estate agents will be able to perform more real-time analyses, improving their ability to detect fraud. With blockchain, fewer intermediaries are involved with a higher profit margin. This facilitates better data analysis and improved decision-making for the customer.


    Because we are familiar with the market, we can help you select the right hardware before working with some of the most reputable vendors to deliver it

    Support and management

    We can manage and support your existing hardware and services, reducing the burden on your IT department and ensuring excellence with 24/7 expert support

    As a service

    Our managed services can be delivered anywhere - whether it is your data center, ours, a private/public/hybrid cloud - with maximum flexibility and agility

    Blockchain security services

    Manual and automation testing for smart contracts

    Network functionality testing

    Gas price analysis and optimization

    Code review with recommendations for improvements

    Penetration testing of web, desktop, and mobile applications

    Blockchain cloud infrastructure security auditing and testing