Zonopact Cloud Management Platform

Our CMP provides a single-service interface that enables you to connect your existing private Cloud services with any public Cloud service (such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure).

Features include

Automation: Deploy apps 150x faster

Use self-service provisioning tools to improve and deploy your applications quickly. With Infrastructure-as-Code scripting, you can achieve continuous integration and delivery.

Analytics: Cut your Cloud costs by 30%

Optimize hybrid cost and performance with an inbuilt analytics engine that offers real-time guidance on cross-Cloud spend, tariff optimization and service level management.

Production: Reduce risk across the app lifecycle

Streamline day-to-day operations with elastic and hybrid scaling, native and third-party logging, availability and performance monitoring, and backup and migration.

Governance: ensure compliance across multi-cloud

Utilize granular control of your clouds, restricting user access, preventing cloud sprawl through approval and extension rules, and tracking and managing your costs.

Centralised billing: ‘One Bill’ for all your clouds

Our 'One Bill' service is accessible via the CMP and allows you to collect and integrate your private and public cloud bills into a single bill for payment.

What are your biggest business priorities?

Boost business outcomes across the enterprise with our cloud-based solutions.

Accelerate business transformation

Implement enterprise cloud solutions to streamline operations, manage risks, and drive revenue, innovation, growth, and resilience.

Move beyond migration

Make sure that you develop a business strategy in order to maximize the potential of cloud computing rather than simply implementing cloud or data center migrations.

Power digital innovation

Boost and enhance the digital innovation process in order to enhance the customer experience.

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Using self-service provisioning tools will allow you to improve and deploy your applications more quickly. Using Infrastructure-as-Code scripting, you can achieve continuous integration and delivery.


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Our Cloud Migration Services
Zonopact Cloud Transformation

Utilize our cloud-powered solutions to accelerate business outcomes across the enterprise.

Cloud Migration Services

Cloud migration involves moving data, IT resources, workloads, and other applications to a cloud infrastructure. In simpler terms, it involves moving data from one data center to another, a much larger cloud data center where it will be maintained and operated. We at Zonopact technologies are committed to providing you with in-depth details at every stage of the process. Due to our expertise in cloud migration, we are trusted by clients

Achieve more through the Cloud

Cloud-based solutions are ideal for businesses with growing bandwidth needs, and Zonopact specializes in helping businesses make the move to – and then make the most of – cloud computing.

Reduced IT Costs

Rather than paying large sums for technology up front, cloud subscriptions allow you to pay only for what you use.

More Secure

Amazon and Microsoft invest heavily in the security of their cloud networks - offering a more secure environment

Always up to Date

Cloud-based software and security are always the latest and most advanced - you will never be stuck with outdated software.


You can add or remove employee seats with the click of a button, making it easy for you to adapt and grow as your business grows.

Modern, Flexible Working

As a result of the cloud, employees can securely log in to their work environments from anywhere - resulting in happier, more productive workers.

Improved Collaboration

Ensure that contractors, customers, and partner organizations are able to collaborate more easily with your IT department.

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    Yes. Using best in class technology stack, we create a roadmap for migration of your systems and applications.
    Throughout the migration process, we provide detailed reports to let you know how many workloads and components have been successfully migrated.
    Yes. A cost feasibility study is conducted, the scope of cost reduction is identified without compromising performance, and the solutions are implemented.
    Among other factors, it depends on the scope of the project, the complexity of the database architecture, and the magnitude of the mission-critical workloads.
    To ensure seamless performance and high productivity, we provide complete monitoring and maintenance of your systems, applications, and workloads in a cloud-native environment after migration.