Transform Your Business With Cloud Technology

Become Data-Centric

A cloud computing solution allows your business to leverage all of its data and make the most of it.

Scale, Speed, Agility

It is possible to quickly launch your initiative with scale, reliability, and flexibility using the cloud.


Cloud computing provides you with the flexibility, elasticity, cost efficiency, and security you need for your business.

Latest Tech/Digital Transformation

Integrate Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud technologies to transform and implement digital strategies.

Key benefits

Some of the benefits of our cloud services

Increased flexibility

You will be able to orchestrate and run workloads in any deployment model. Improve your organization's agility

Better control

Cloud operations and their costs, as well as their security, across deployments are governed

Improved security

Our security services, solutions, and advice are enhanced through better data governance, a simplified ecosystem, and a simplified security ecosystem

How we transform IT











Why work with Zonopact

Proven experience

Over 70% of our mobile team are senior developers, each with over six years of experience building dozens of apps. Even the most challenging challenges in mobile development can be addressed by these experts.

A proactive approach

As a result of the intense competition in the mobile market and the rapid advancement of technology, the mobile landscape changes rapidly. Keeping up with the latest mobile technologies ensures that your app showcases top-of-the-line features and specifications.

Mobile-first team

“Mobile-first” has become a mantra in business, so we come prepared to deliver a seamless user experience in our applications that builds loyalty among users and provides powerful insights.

Our cloud services

As a leading hybrid and multicloud provider, we can help you cut through the complexity so that your data can lead your business. Our services and solutions cover every aspect of IT, every deployment model, and every stage of the digital transformation lifecycle, allowing you to realize the technical and business benefits of multicloud deployments.

Why Zonopact?

As a result of combining our knowledge and expertise with the intelligence within your team and within your IT systems, we can assist you in storing, connecting, securing, and utilizing your data in such a way as to maximize its value and enhance your competitive advantage. We have been protecting customer data since 1994 and providing managed services for more than a decade. Over 100 petabytes of cloud storage are currently managed by our professional services team at every stage of the digital transformation process.

OCRE - Open Clouds for Research Environments

The Proact Group qualifies as a provider of IT infrastructure services to the European research and education community. Through the OCRE framework, NREN members in Europe will be able to gain rapid access to Proact’s cloud services beginning in January 2021. Discover how our offering helps you accelerate your cloud adoption as you select the right IT services to drive innovation through IT and what this framework agreement means to you.


As market experts, we can help you choose the right hardware, and work with some of the leading providers to deliver it

Support and management

In addition to supporting and managing your existing hardware and services, we can ensure excellence with 24/7 expert assistance, removing the burden from your IT team

As a service

Our managed services can be delivered anywhere - whether it is your data center, ours, a private/public/hybrid cloud - with maximum flexibility and agility

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