AI enabled robotic in-car camera system

Patent Pending Technology

Elegant, stylish robotic in-car camera to take pictures while you are driving.Capture All the Glorious Movements and Surroundings on Those Long Rides.

ZPIC with Mobile Holder

ZPIC for Mobile


ZPIC with In built camera and navigation

ZPIC with Navigation


Launched by Zonopact Innovation’s Lab, ZPIC is a movable robotic arm which understands voice commands. Install it in your car, and then direct it to save all those beautiful glimpses through photos and videos! I like the sound of ZPIC, please tell me more! ZPIC is a robotic arm for capturing photos and videos when driving. Featuring an inbuilt camera, storage space and a display unit, it operates on voice commands. ZPIC can be placed anywhere in your car such as on the windscreen, above the mirror or anywhere else. So instruct what you want captured and when, and ZPIC will certainly take care of it! ZPIC understands simple commands such as move left, right, up or down, and turn 30 degrees, 90 degrees and so on. The built in camera can capture a picture, macro shots and even videos. Store your precious memories in the accompanying storage unit, and backup on the cloud if internet connectivity is available. Or just buy the robotic arm, and use it as phone holder. You’ll need Bluetooth or some other protocol for connection though. ZPIC is controllable through remote as well. If needed, only the basic unit can be purchased without the camera and storage unit, in which case, it will have to be connected with a phone for taking pictures. So what benefit do you get? Safety! Because it is of essence, and ZPIC knows that. Let’s put an end to dangerous driving. You stay safe when driving because there is no need for you to use your phone. Plus, you get better viewing angles by positioning ZPIC strategically. Cool, right!

We are running a pre-launch event until May 31st 2017, in which you can pay partial amount of the ZPIC cost. We will then run a draw and if selected we will let go the remaining cost and give you both the models for the price paid. The higher you pay, the better your chances of winning.