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Hansika Mata

Why entrepreneurship programs are gaining importance?

Why entrepreneurship programs are gaining importance?

Entrepreneurial ventures create more employment opportunities and generate wealth because of which these are considered as national assets for any country worldwide. Entrepreneurs fuel Social Change and promote Innovation. There are various courses and programs available to support the people taking a leap towards entrepreneurship. The reason why these programs are gaining importance is because of more and more people realising the value of entrepreneurship. The statistics show that 2 out of 3 people worldwide consider Entrepreneurship as a good career choice. With such high demand these entrepreneurship programs are in high demand now. The main focus is to help the budding entrepreneurs to develop their thought process in a productive and a problem solving way.

“Don’t tell people about your dreams, Show them”- Anon


1. Develop creative thinking and idea generation techniques
Creativity is the essence of Entrepreneurship. In the world of entrepreneurship, creative thinking and innovation are the basic pillars that ensure long term survival of the business. These programs help you develop the ability to brainstorm ideas and evaluate them. Studies have shown significant impact on a student after taking a valuable entrepreneurship program. These programs help boost the entrepreneur’s ability to solve a problem.

2. Overcoming the barriers of Innovation
Studies show that 80-90% of the companies believe that their long term survival depends on Innovation. Hence, Innovation has become an inseparable part of most of the business organisations. But, innovating new things is not a cake walk. A person needs to learn how to avoid repeating what others have already suggested a million times while thinking of something innovative . Organisations also face barriers related to Innovation such as lack of funding, analyzing data, prioritising innovation, willingness etc. These programs give you an insight of all these barriers and help you face them with the power of creativity. It trains you in a way so that you are able to manage your existing workload along with Innovation.

3. Evaluating Feasibility of Ideas
Before a person starts to invest his valuable resources, time and energy in the quest of having his innovation reach the world, it’s important to take some important steps to determine whether the idea is commercially and socially feasible or not. Evaluation is an important aspect that can save you a lot of money and energy. These programs help you to evaluate your entrepreneurial ideas in a way that you can see the future developments more clearly.

4. Skills to attract investors
Funds are the blood flow of any organisation without which a Company can’t operate for long, no matter how good the business strategy or the product is. There are certain skills an entrepreneur should possess in order to attract investors. He must have a sensible approach and should be able to build a picture of the future in the investor’s mind. There are many other skills required to make the most of such opportunities. A person must have a clear picture in his own mind only then he will be able to convey the plan to the investor. As Steve Jobs has rightly said, Over night success stories take a really long time…. Similarly, In order to crack the deal an entrepreneur must develop his skills first.

and the list goes on..

Entrepreneurship gives the best result when started at an early age. It’s easier to adapt and learn new skills when we’re younger. These Entrepreneurship programs not only help the existing entrepreneurs but are also available for the young minds to help them develop further. Zenith Innovator Program is one such program focused on developing Innovation Skills into minds of budding entrepreneurs. These programs provide you with the right kind of environment and help you channelize your energy in the right way to help you to stay a step ahead of others.

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