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Zenith Innovator

Zenith Innovator is an all-inclusive and extensive program that is divided into 5 levels for optimum coverage. The program has been designed for and by innovators who wish to push the boundaries of their own creativity and revolutionize their chosen fields with unique and implementable ideas.

Level 1

The first level in the program teaches idea generation and by encouraging members to think out of the box for issues that seem tough to conquer. It involves:

  • Taking a number of different approaches  to problem solving
  • How to surmount comfort zones
  • How to brainstorm ideas
  • How to reconstruct problems from different perspectives.
  • Techniques that can generate innovative ideas
  • Group studies that encourage team building through a series of exercises
  • Hands-on exercises with like-minded individuals to encourage teamwork


Level 2

The second level is designed to help members create prototypes which will involve:

  • Techniques that can allow members to evaluate ideas
  • Evaluate the feasibility of ideas and whether they are useable
  • How to utilize lateral thinking to come up with unique solutions for their ideas
  • Teaching members how to avoid underestimating themselves
  • Teaching the importance of taking risks
  • Give their ideas practical form with aid from mentors and external partners
  • Collaboration with others with similar interests and ideas


Level 3

The third level encourages members to examine the importance of their prototype to understand its potential and how it can be used and improved. This includes:

  • Learning various techniques to polish their prototypes
  • Search for more ways to create solutions that can fine-tune prototypes
  • Create more products by learning from past ones
  • Complete autonomy on all prototypes with aid from mentors
  • Encouraging members to use their creativity and intuition to create products
  • Introduction to mass production and market feasibility
  • Training to tackle complex issues that might manifest during the production process


Level 4

In the fourth level, members will learn about the importance of patenting their prototypes and things need to take care of before taking it to the market. This will include:

  • Training on types of patents available
  • How to move from idea to patent
  • Documents required to patent a prototype and how to draft them
  • Importance of protecting new ideas with patents
  • Describing inventions in detail
  • How to create patent drawings
  • Drafting confidentiality agreements
  • The role of the law in patents
  • How to present your idea and prototype
  • How to attract investors and utilize crowd funding platforms


Level 5

In the fifth level, budding innovators will be taught entrepreneurship skills and how they can bring their products to market successfully. This will include:

  • Business skills required to make a good impression on investors
  • How to create and lead a global organization from the ground up
  • Real world experience by working on real life challenges
  • Using online platforms to promote products
  • Understanding and overcoming barriers of innovation
  • How to target and attract suitable markets
  • How to conduct internal and external analyses that can ensure their businesses are successful and sustainable in the long run
  • Extensive research skills to remain in sync with market trends





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