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Membership for Mentor

Help us Light the Fire

The Zonopact Innovation Lab is where we aim to lead aspiring masterminds to the right path of discovery, innovation, and change. Of course, we need light bearers who have known the path, or better, the secret to create one out of one’s own aspirations. You can be the one to lead.

If you are a driven student, an accomplished professor, experienced professionals, successful  innovators, retired experts or leaders in innovation you can be our mentor. Join us and  endorse our mission of empowering aspiring innovators by giving them a direction. Be their mentor by  helping them refine their thought process, broaden their vision, and implement their ideas.  Provide them with the support, knowledge and resources needed to create a better world. 

Not to mention, your ZIL membership comes with potential monetary gain through a fair  share for commercial application of the innovation you have endorsed.

So, let’s give back to the society by starting a chain of change that will prevail through generations to come.


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