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Corporate Program

We solve complex problems so you don’t have to

Grow Beyond Bounds

Zonopact Innovation Lab offers companies and corporations to find smarter solutions, support innovations, and overcome challenges by employing a team of the most brilliant and bright minds from across the globe. We have simplified the whole process through our unique approach.

  • -> Create – Create a project based on your innovation challenges or goals
  • -> Gather – Assign a team of people with the relevant expertise and aspirations
  • -> Innovate – Turn possibilities into realities

You can also choose to support and sponsor an experiment already underway at our Innovation Lab.

Perks and Profits

As a corporate member and sponsor of a successful project, you will own 100% IP rights to the innovation. While your company will be associated with a huge advancement, you will be able to monetize on the innovation by the team you supported.

There are many benefits of achieving it through Zonopact innovation Lab.

  • 1) Access a global community of innovators
  • 2) Innovative lab space where your team can work together
  • 3) Availability of support services and team such as tech gurus
  • 4) Practical implementation and prototyping possibility
  • 5) Strategic partnership and networking opportunity
  • 6) Complete toolkit for tackling specific challenges
  • 7) Frequent activities and workshop to spark inspiration and ideas

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