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Aspiring Innovator

When you become a member of the Zonopact Innovation Lab, not only do you get a platform to learn, experiment, and innovate,you actually get all the guidance and supervision required to do all that in a more efficient manner.                                        

The innovation Lab is a place where we let talent and ideas nurture under the complete supervision and support of mentors who have the same vision as yours, but are a bit ahead in their path. You get the chance to learn from the best and grow with them.

Our mentors are successful entrepreneurs, known innovators, and seasoned professionals from all walks of life. While we appreciate experience, our mentor circle is not short of young, energetic, and more creative lot of Ivy Leaguers who can interact and connect with the aspiring innovators on a much personal and productive level.


Meet our mentors and find a direction by registering with us as a potential innovator.

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