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  • Aspiring Innovator
    As an individual contributor in Zonopact’s Innovation Lab, your talents and ideas will be given a platform which will also be supplemented by mentors and the resources you need to convert those ideas into practical applications. Whether you have the next revolutionary idea for a health care app, or a piece of tech that can revolutionize the financial district or too many ideas to count, Zonopact has mentors, fellow innovators and platforms to make them into a reality. Learn from the best and grow with fellow innovators who share your passion and can connect with you on a productive level.

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  • Mentor
    As a mentor you will be asked to lead aspiring innovators and help them convert their raw talent into leading discoveries and practical applications. As light bearers and as those who have already walked the path you are responsible for leading this young talent by providing them with support, knowledge and resources to help them contribute to the world. A mentor can be anyone from a dedicated student to an influential professor, experienced professionals, successful innovators, retired experts, and leaders in Innovation who can join us and fuel the next generation of innovators. By giving them direction based on your own skills, accomplishments and the lessons you learned, you will be a force that everyone at Zonopact can look up to.
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  • Corporate
    As a Corporate member at Zonopact, you will get the unique opportunity to access resources, data and human capital from a team of brilliant minds, tech gurus, support staff, toolkits for specific challenges, an innovative lab space and scholars from across the globe. You will be responsible for creating a project based on your challenges and goals, gather together members for the team you will need to realize those goals, and turn possibilities into ground realties with practical solutions. You will also get the chance to sponsor a successful project and your company will be able to monetize on the innovations as well.
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  • Educational Institute
    Universities, tech colleges, schools, and every small and large educational institutes are a hub of brilliant minds and innovators who are just waiting for the opportunity to transform their dreams into reality. By partnering with Zonopact Innovation Lab, your alma mater can give them access to resources, mentors and platforms that can help them realize those dreams. Allowing graduating or current students to spread their wings on a platform that will do everything possible to aid them in their endeavors can help universities increase their impact in research and development. We will help you set up short intern programs with our labs and support projects that are being conducted at your educational institution.
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