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Message From CEO

Changing the World Starts with Powerful Words


When I envision the future, I think of a world where there won’t be a disease we can’t cure. There won’t be many hospitals because the cure will be easy enough to carry in your pockets. I think of advanced nanotechnology. I think uber sonic speed and smarter genetic engineering. I think of people without disabilities, and a planet without disasters. I think of all this being a reality through effective use and development of technology.

I once read somewhere that everything a human mind can imagine is what the human mind can achieve. Every innovation is at some point ridiculed as impossible. And that is what I believe slows down, and even halts, the process of progress. It keeps the brilliant ones from doing the best they can to make world a better place. It is a barrier keeping not just one person, but a whole race back. With Zonopact Innovation Lab, I want to bring down all such barriers.

As Theodore Levitt says, ‘Creativity is thinking up new things; Innovation is doing new things’, we need platforms where both can foster, and thus, expedite the process of progress for mankind. That is what ZIL aims to be. I want everyone from those who innovate to those who aspire to, to come together and play their best part and building a better future. Because as Einstein puts it; Innovation is Everyone’s Responsibility, Let’s be responsible!

Mayur Ramgir

President & CEO

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