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Chief Research Officer

Dr. Debalina Sarkar is a medical research scientist who has remained associated with a multitude of prestigious academic institutes, not just as a student but also as a researcher and an educator. Her recent position was with Harvard Medical School as a Fellow at Schepens Eye Research institute.

Dr. Debalina acquired her B.SC in Biotechnology from Bangalore University in India and her M.Sc in Genetic Manipulation and Molecular Cell Biology from the University of Sussex, UK.  Always an exceptional student, Debalina has a number of awards and accolades including 1st prize in Young Scientist Symposium in 2007. In the same year, she bagged the Reginald Bellis Bequest Fund among other awards. She started her journey in the field of medical research by enrolling in a three-year B.Sc project at M.S.Ramaiah Biochemistry, Microbiology and Chemistry Lab. After several B.Sc projects in India, she travelled to Brighton for an M.Sc project at the Genome Damage and Stability Centre. She also holds 1st class distinction in Diploma in Forensic Sciences from American Institute of Applied Sciences.

After years of academic research and studies, she enrolled in PhD at the North West Cancer Research Fund Institute, University of Wales. Her PhD research revolved around Colorectal Cancer and during this time, she also won the BACR student award. After completing her PhD, she enrolled in University of Florida for her Post Doctorate. Her work here was focused in immune tolerance therapy for haemophilia.

With more than twelve years in this field, Dr. Debalina Sarkar also has her name on several publications including one for Pharmaceutical Compliance Monitor. In 2011, she published a research in the International Journal of Cancer regarding cancer stem cell characteristics on colorectal cancer cells. She remained a reviewer at many publishing groups including American Association of Cancer Research, The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, and American Society for Investigative Pathology. Dr. Debalina is also an editorial board member at many journals including Journal of Advances in Molecular Diagnostics.

Dr. Debalina has established her repute as a highly knowledgeable expert in the field of cancer research. She actively participates in a wide number of conferences and seminars across the world. In 2012, she was invited as a speaker at International conference on Genetic Syndromes and Gene therapy held in San Antonio.

For Dr. Debalina, the process of learning, research, and teaching go hand in hand. As she continues her own journey, she also aims to help young minds find their path in the world of science and research. 

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