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The Innovation Incubator


A Brighter Vision

In today's world humanity is facing unprecedented global challenges and Zonopact Innovation Lab is a humble attempt towards measuring the same through Innovation. We are someone who favors technology and believe new technology can do away with complex social and economic issues.

Mayur Ramgir is the brains behind the Zonopact Innovation Lab. With ZIL, Mayur aims to create an open innovation hub where everyone can participate without any limitation on age, race, gender, educational qualification or grades whatsoever. A Zero-Barrier space where creativity and innovative ideas are fostered without bounds. Learn more about the man

A Bigger Mission

ZIL’s mission is to bring influential and established leaders and aspiring and prospective innovators on the same platform where they can put their experience and energy to good use. The mission is to open opportunities and provide chances that are otherwise not available and accessible to every deserving child.

"We are aiming for a better future, where everyone can avail the opportunity to play a productive role in the making."

Throughout this mission, our major focus will be technologies that have a lot of potential yet they remain unexplored and underdeveloped, such as Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, wearable technology, nanotechnology, and their implementation in various areas of life ranging from manufacturing to health.

A Brilliant Team

Behind ZIL is a brilliant team that has proven its mettle in the world of innovation! It is a credible, passionate, and highly driven team you can trust for always being able to achieve goals and accomplish mission.


Join the Winning Side, Where the Future is Brilliant and Bright!



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