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Be the Innovator the World Awaits

Benefits to You

  • Get involved in innovation projects without any technical expertise - No prior experience is required
  • No matter what your background is, you can make a difference - Every project needs expertise from a wide range of specialized subject areas
  • Learn from experts, work with like minded people from all around the world - An opportunity to build strong foundations for success
  • get involved in paid projects - Make impact while making your living
  • Utilize this platform to explore your hidden talent - You will be surprised to see the masterpiece you can produce
  • Start your own business. Be your own boss - A platform where you can build your team and make a difference in society
  • Help available every step of the way - Free support, coaching, and mentoring from experts


The Future-Building Fun

Zonopact Innovation Lab is a physical manifestation of one brilliant idea that is bound to change the world. It is a unique organization founded by some of the most ingenious minds of our time all of whom share a single belief – the future is in the hands of people who aspire to explore new boundaries, set new limits, and change the world through outstanding ideas.

Innovation Lab is therefore, a platform where such masterminds can come together to satiate their curiosity and pursue their aspirations. We nurture these minds through educational programs, innovative partnerships and a startup accelerator. Our goal is to let aspiring innovators discover and explore beyond their daily chores while enjoying every part of the experience.

‘Innovation Lab is where we provide education, spark inspiration, and enable kids across the globe to follow their aspirations.’ - Mayur Ramgir, President & CEO Zonopact, Inc.

No Entry Barrier

Zonopact Innovation lab provides psychologist, historians, scientists, technology gurus, mathematicians, thinkers, and inventors of tomorrow to enter the practical world where they can make a difference via open environment with zero barriers. No walls, no closed labs, one productive space where everyone will work via central online platform.

This is where you can learn to polish your ideas, give them a practical form, and even achieve monetary gains from commercialization of the ideas and prototype.

Our Book

Unbarred Innovation-WinnerWinner of Reader's Favorite 2016 International Book Award Contest in Non-Fiction - Business/Finance category

Winner of 2016 Northern California Book Festival in Business category

Finalist in the 5th Annual Beverly Hills International Book Awards

2016 Northern California Book Festival Awards WinnerIf we can remove the barriers we set upon our creativity, imagine the dreams we can realize. That is the core concept behind Mayur Ramgir’s book Unbarred Innovation – A Pathway to Greatest Discoveries.

The main purpose of the book is to diffuse the belief that this trait is only limited to a select few. It can only be acquired and realized through a process that can provide people the motivation and inspiration they need to look at things differently.

Ramgir advocates the importance of self realization and the power it can have on the creative process. The book itself is divided into easy to read chapters and employs conversational tones that make the concepts described within the pages easy to digest. The concepts are spread over 10 comprehensive chapters each which is sub-divided into smaller topics for ease of understanding.

Unbarred Innovation – A Pathway to Greatest Discoveries takes readers on a journey of self discovery and helps readers realize that they are more than the sum of their parts. It encourages them to overcome their fears, allow their subconscious mind to guide them to greater paths of discovery, be inspired by people, and most importantly, dream bigger each day.

Buy Unbarred Innovation by Mayur Ramgir from Amazon.com

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