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About the Book

Greatest discoveries start with one small step - Mayur Ramgir

Innovation is changing our world for better. Just look around and you will see a lot of different devices which has played a huge role in making our lives easier. For instance, smartphones, an invention which completely changed the way we communicate. Not just that, with its ability to perform various functions for us, it is now considered as our Personal Digital Assistant (PDA).

Innovation has without doubt positively affected our lives. But the fact remains that we still need to fix a lot of problems through innovation, there is still a lot to achieve. To fill this gap, we will need more committed individuals to come up with more innovative ideas.

In this inspiring book, you will realize that every individual is blessed with the ability to think of a solution for the most complicated problems in the world.This book will diffuse the phenomenon that innovation is limited to certain people.

This book will enlighten you about the benefits of innovation, it will inspire, motivate and bring the best out of you so you can finish your journey towards achieving ultimate success.

This book will immensely benefit students, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, marketers and everyone who is interested in innovation.

So kick start the process of unbarred innovation now!

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