Award-winning company MerrySpell, a division of Zonopact will be investing in Indian Schools to provide grants to set up Center of Excellence

MerrySpell, an award-winning personalized education company, a division of global software company Zonopact, has decided to invest ₹2CR into Indian schools by providing ₹40 Lacs each to 5 Indian schools to establish a center of excellence in their premises. These centers would greatly benefit students to groom their ideas and thoughts into real innovations and creative products. MerrySpell has established this grant under the name of its founder Mayur Ramgir. The grant is known as “Mayur Ramgir Center of Excellence Grant”.

The center of excellence has three main bodies to develop the children:

  1. Innovation Lab: Children often have great ideas but they are unable to give them physical form. For this reason, the innovation lab will greatly help the children to polish their skills and explore new possibilities. This lab will provide them with the best infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies to learn. Plus, they will also form a new community of innovators.
  2. Soft-skills Lab: Having a dull personality in the 21st century could be a sin. For this reason, the soft-skills lab will help the children to develop their personality at an early age. This will encourage them to improve team building, developing leadership qualities, improve self-confidence and learning critical problem-solving skills.
  3. Creative Learning Lab: Creativity is the most important thing in a child’s life. This creative learning lab would particularly focus on improving critical and abstract thinking. This will be done by various methods like storyboarding, Role Play, encouraging kids on out of box thinking and widening their field of perspective.

India has the largest youth population in the world. Being young it also has the highest potential in the education sector. However, not all educational institution can provide the best infrastructure and technology.  Multiple award-winning entrepreneur and philanthropist, Mayur Ramgir has the vision to make India’s education system the most innovative education system in the world. To do this he has started the initiative known as “Disruptive Education” under MerrySpell to provide Center of Excellence Grant for the deserving schools. By establishing the excellence center, the schools would greatly improve both academical and non-academical performance. The students would get the best of opportunities to explore more and will have better infrastructure and tools.

This is very important to prepare the kids for the 21st-century competitive world. Learning non-academical skills are also important as some jobs expect more skills than just academic skills. Students who will be part of the center of excellence would also have groomed personalities and enhanced creativity.