Mayur Ramgir, CEO/founder of Zonopact Inc got nominated for his first directed music video “MeTheForce” in the eminent Festigious International Film Festival.

The Festigious International film festival has nominated Mayur Ramgir for his remarkable music video “MeTheForce”. This music video has been made to promote the humanitarian cause of compassion towards the unprivileged people. It has been a well received success for its deep and intense message. For this reason, the music video also got listed in World’s largest movie database IMDB.

Despite of being his first directed music video, Mayur Ramgir president and CEO of a software development company based in Boston called Zonopact and creator of cloud buisiness softaware Clintra, has successfully conveyed the message through his cinematic vision. The feelings are intense in the music video. While the visuals makes it clear what these children have to face in their childhood. Hentu George Alexandru has brilliantly drafted the lyrics about the terrible conditions of these children.

Mr. Mayur Ramgir himself has acted his expressions through the music video.  He is urging everyone to be a part of this movement to make a difference to these children and women who are suffering from injustice in this world. ZForce has launched its MeTheForce campaign to support the unprivileged around the world. “MeTheForce” is creating a sensation among the music lovers around the world. The song is an international appeal to join the cause and help the unprivileged. The music video has given MeTheForce campaign a global presence. Those who are interested in the campaign can see the details by visiting

About ZForce: ZForce is a non-profit initiative started by an entrepreneur and philanthropist Mayur Ramgir. Mayur, currently the CEO of Zonopact and the founder of Zonopact Innovation Lab, started off from humble beginnings

Having come a long way from where he began, Mayur understands the importance of blurring the differences between developed and underdeveloped nations. He understands the basic problems that needs to be answered in order to empower the underprivileged well enough that they can not only support themselves but also play a vital role in building a better tomorrow.


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