Los Angeles Film Awards 2018 have nominated Mayur Ramgir for the “Best First Time Director” for the music video “MeTheForce”

The emotional and touching music video “MeTheForce” just got nominated for the Los Angeles Film Awards 2018. In addition, the music video also got listed on the world’s most popular movie database site IMDB. ZForce has launched a new campaign called MeTheForce to help the unprivileged people around the world. To give an emotional touch and international presence, Mayur Ramgir, the president and CEO of boston based software company, Zonopact and creator of cloud business software directed the music video “MeTheForce”. It’s his first directed music video which got the recognition from the international Los Angeles Film Festival.

This is a brilliant attempt to spread the message of compassion emotionally throughout the world. In fact, it has created a sensation among the music lovers. The music video tells us the story about the horror faced by the children around the globe. It is complete heart wrecking narration of ordeal of children.

Mr. Mayur Ramgir himself has acted in the music video to give his personal emotions towards the humanitarian cause. The song is written and composed by Hentu George Alexandru. Its lyrics beautifully expresses the emotions felt by these unprivileged children around the world. One can easily relate themselves if they have faced oppression in their childhood. ZForce’s MeTheForce has aimed to gather maximum support to help the unprivileged around the world.

Mayur Ramgir is urging everyone to join this movement & make a difference to women and children who are suffering due to the injustice in this world. One who is interested can join this campaign by visiting https://www.zforce.help/metheforce.html

About Mayur Ramgir:

Mayur Ramgir is an award winning innovator, author and philanthropist who is in the elite group of innovators and world leaders like Elon Musk – CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, Tim Berners-Lee – Inventor of Internet, Emmanuel Macron – President of France, John P. Holdren – Former Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Xi Jinping- President of People’s Republic of China. He is passionate about helping entrepreneurs to reach to the next level.


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