Mayur ramgir

Mayur Ramgir is an innovator, serial entrepreneur, speaker and an international award winning author. Published in 2016, His book ‚ÄòUnbarred Innovation: A Pathway to Greatest Discoveries is written as a source of inspiration for those who doubt the destiny ‚Äô received a multitude of awards including the Reader’s Favorite 2016 International Book Award and the 2016 Northern California Book Festival Award. His second book ‚ÄúEvolve like a Butterfly: A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership‚Äù also received 5-star reviews from Reader‚Äôs Favorite.

In his book, he tells the story of how successful people found their pathway to discoveries that took them to the heights where we now see them and not just of achievements, but also of failures, and more importantly, of getting back on the feet after those failures. And he narrates the way to find out how you can take the smallest idea out of your mind, polish it, and present it to the world in a way that changes everything, not just for the world but also for you. Be the modern day innovator, raise future innovators, and find out how innovation can pave the way to entrepreneurship. It is important to note that all the proceeds generated by his book will be donated to charitable causes such as providing education, shelter, food and basic needs for underprivileged children, eradicating poverty, hunger and solving social and global issues.

Mayur Ramgir is the CEO of Zonopact, Inc., and founder of Zonopact Innovation Lab. As the founder and CEO of Zonopact, Mayur has contributed to various research projects and single-handedly developed CLINTRA an innovative enterprise software. Through his book, he shares his entrepreneurial knowledge along with his belief that everyone can be an innovator in any field. The book offers practical advice on how to nurture the innovator and leader within oneself and guides readers towards the entrepreneurial path. On a mission to encourage innovation on an individual level, Mayur has also founded the Zonopact Innovation Lab, an incubator for young talent lacking resources to follow their dreams. He is also an invited judge to the upcoming Living Talent’s International Talent Hunt competition.

Mayur Ramgir was featured on various TV and printed media including Fox News, NBC News, CBS News, Fox Business, Bloomberg International TV, Forbes, Inc. magazine, Daily Mirror, The Huffington Post and several more. He is also a contributing author of New York Daily Newspaper, Software Development Times magazine, Newsmax Finance, Singapore’s top entrepreneurship magazine “Young Upstarts”, and several more.