Dr. Krish Ahuja, with extensive technical and administrative experience both in Industry and Academia in the US and abroad, is set to join the solution development firm as chief advisor and chair of the advisory board

PRESS RELEASE- Boston, MA РDr. Krish Ahuja, a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, Head of Aerospace and Acoustics TechnologiesDivision at Georgia Tech Research Institute and Regents Professor of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology and former General Manager and founding director of Georgia Tech-Ireland (GTI), has been appointed the Chairman of the Board for Zonopact’s Advisory Board. Dr. Ahuja has more than four decades of research and development as well as management experience in aircraft sensors, advanced signal processing, flow control, and aircraft noise research among other related fields. He teaches graduate and undergraduate level courses in the School of Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech.

The Aerospace and Acoustics Technologies Division at Georgia Tech Research Institute is renowned worldwide for its innovative research in aircraft noise and flow control. With Dr. Krish Ahuja at the helm, the division also conducts cutting edge and leading research on solutions for military and civilian aircraft.

Dr. Ahuja has authored/co-authored over 200 technical articles and reports on a range of topics in the field of aerospace engineering. As a result of these contributions, he received the most prestigious award in Aeroacoustics in 1993: The AIAA Aeroacoustics Award. In 1995, he was listed in Industry Week Magazine as “One of 50 Technology Leaders in the US.” In 2000, he received the Discover Magazine semi-finalist award for Innovation and also was the recipient of the 2000 AIAA Engineer of the Year Award. This was followed in 2001 by the Aviation and Space Technology Magazine Laureate award.

Under Dr. Ahuja’s guidance Zonopact will focus on innovating Clintra’s CRM and ERP applications

Dr. Ahuja started his career as an engineering apprentice at Rolls Royce Ltd, Derby, England, where he spent six years. Prior to joining Georgia Tech, he worked at the Lockheed Georgia Company for a period of 13 years. During this time, he served as the head of the aero-acoustics research department and was also the acting manager of Lockheed’s advanced flight sciences department. He worked as the program manager for projects funded by NASA, the U.S. Air Force, and Lockheed. Under his supervision, all of these projects were completed successfully. Hence, his vast experience will allow Clintra to streamline and enhance ERP and CRM applications.

According to Mr. Mayur Ramgir, President, and CEO of Zonopact, “with his extensive hands-on technical, administrative as well as R&D experience in leading large and complex projects, Dr. Krish Ahuja is a welcome addition to the board and is expected to spearhead inroads for Zonopact’s core offering CLINTRA. His many technical contributions to aerospace engineering along with his impressive career history are sure to provide the young minds we nurture at Zonopact a solid foundation for their own innovations.”

Dr. Krish Ahuja joins the Zonopact’s Advisory Board as Chairman of the Advisory Board.