Delivering, World-Class Healthcare facilities that will change the healthcare problems to one solution for rural areas.

PRESS RELEASE – Nearly 27% of total death happens due to lack of a hospital in rural areas. Every year government in its 5year plan announces about the health benefits and assures to improve the healthcare system, but unfortunately, 31% of the rural population has to travel 30km to get proper medical treatment. Seeing the issue of increasing death rate and health problems in rural area Zonopact Innovation Lab had invented ZPOD.

ZPOD is the only remotely doctor controlled device with sensor for weight, blood pressure, body temperature, ECG, ultrasound, pulse, blood sugar, blood test, urine test, x-ray and eye check. With the invention, patients have the access to qualified doctors, able to send required vitals and get basic over the counter medicine 24/7.


Izaak Waltson says, “Look to your health; and if you have it, praise God and value it next to conscience; for health is the second blessing that we mortals are capable of, a blessing money can’t buy.”

This invention is done keeping the people in mind where no qualified doctor is available as the most censorious requirement for healthcare is doctors. The device also contains the camera, fingerprint scanner, retina scanner, printer, microphone, speaker and a touch screen, which plays information video and guide patient on how to place these sensors including blood & urine samples in the invention. In certain situations, the patient can communicate with a nurse on a video call. The device will also suggest BMI details depending upon the record given by the patient while registering.


The best advantage of this device that it will provide 24/7 medical facility to the areas where doctors are not available and the taking the patients in the first priority it will connect to the pool of doctors situated in various different parts of the country and world. The medicines will be also available to the patients in the device. In case the medicine is not available, the request will be sent to the nearby storage warehouse from where it will be delivered manually. In all the aspects the ZPOD will help the rural people to live a healthy life with all the hospital and medical facilities.

Zonopact Innovation Lab (Zlab) is to bring established and influential leaders on the same platform and where they can put their energy and experience to the best use possible. It is the umbrella company of Zonopact.Inc which is the initiative of Mayur Ramgir the International Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Innovator, and Entrepreneur. Zonopact is an innovative software development company known for its cloud software Clintra.