Time & Material

A Time & Material contract with us will be a wise decision if you plan a long-term project with an undefined scope of work. We can deal with dynamic tasks by either extending your team or allocating one of our own.

Fixed Price Project

If you know what you want from your project, be it PoC, MVP, an application, or an improvement project, and you have the acceptance criteria ready, we will help you to deliver it on time.

Project Discovery

All great ideas need to get them tested for feasibility because you don’t want to risk your assets. Let us help you to do all the research and launch the project successfully.

Project Development Steps


Request For Proposal (RFP)

We start from receiving your RFP, which we then thoroughly analyze and define the areas that require more research.

Project Engagement

We embark upon additional communication with you and our technical experts, thus ensuring that we see the big picture of the project.


When we make the offer, you can rest assured that we based our decisions on research of the estimated cost, budget, and tech stack. You will get to know the architecture of your project and have the evaluation of the project's blocks completed even before it starts. We will also recommend you regarding the team's size and technologies to be used.

Discussion & Review

We are always ready for discussion. Whenever you need any of the project’s detail or clarification, we are there with you.

Signing Documents – Project Beginning

Following the end of negotiations, we sign SOW/MSA documents and embark upon implementing the project.

Mayur Ramgir Profile

Mayur Ramgir
Chief Technology Officer

Book a Demo With Our CTO

Get a top-quality review, analysis, and feedback on your business’ requirements and technical procedures. Also, refining your R&D plan is included.

Project in Progress

We choose the product development methodology based on your needs. This is the extensive preliminary research that helps us define whether it should be Agile’ project management methodology: such as Scrum and Kanban or any other. Here is process how we will deliver you with the desired outcome.