Cyber Security Services

The advent of the 21st century has seen an increasingly steady reliance on the internet and the near limitless opportunities it can provide in virtually all possible spheres of business activities. However, just because the opportunities are limitless does not mean the risks that come with them are any less so. In fact, they have actually increased as a whole new breed of hackers and other malware creators has come about and they exist only to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of just about any online system

Thanks to their ever-growing activities, the inherent risk of your network being compromised or in other words being “hacked” and taken over by such highly unscrupulous individuals is now higher than ever before. This risk need not come from external sources alone, but even employees who are part of the same organization have been known to indulge in data theft operations

Why Cyber security?

Communication and Information technologies permeate just about each and every aspect of our collective lives. This is because the whole world is now online and all activities ranging from ordering food online to commerce and education are now being undertaken in cyber space. However, the more we are dependent on internet, the greater our vulnerability to various cyber-crimes

As a matter of fact, current cyber security is arguably ‘the’ single greatest challenge of the 21st century. This in turn has led to cyber security being one of the most important components of any balanced and well thought out business strategy

The need for dynamism

This is why a robust and dynamic approach is of crucial importance to protect your highly vulnerable network. Merely running an old and standardized anti-virus software at periodic intervals is no longer considered sufficient for the modern organization’s cyber safety and security needs.

In fact, it is all the more important due to the increasingly dynamic nature of the threat with a veritable host of new viruses and other types of malware being developed and disseminated online virtually every day, that are able to take advantage of vulnerabilities of both outdated systems as well as any new ones that an organization might incorporate

New Threats Require More Intelligent Cyber Security Services

It is now considered crucial for IT departments to implement the most robust and dynamic solutions to cope with the constantly evolving threats that may threaten their infrastructure. Add to that the fact, that today myriad different government and industry level regulations require the organization to collect, store and log their communications and other data for compliance purposes.

Such vast volumes of data make it easy for hackers to find vulnerabilities that they can exploit to siphon off this data and use it for their own nefarious purposes.

The ‘WannaCry’ virus example

The spring of 2017 bought unprecedented chaos to businesses as well as many public and private organizations all over the world. This happened because of the appropriately named ‘WannaCry Ransomware” virus.

Arguably one of the most harmful malwares ever invented. It worked by effectively ‘locking’ the whole system and all the files that exist therein once a system became infected with this dreaded virus. The cybercriminals than boasted that even if the virus is removed the victim’s organization could not possibly hope to recover its crucial system files, software, data, mails, documents photos etc., until a ransom had been paid to the hackers within a stipulated time period after which the files would be irredeemably lost. Indeed, so sophisticated was the entire operation that there was zero chance of recovery without the payment of the ransom amount.

It did not matter if the virus was inadvertently allowed into the system though the downloading of a torrent file or even though an email because, once in; it did its job remarkably well and caused the loss of tens of millions of dollars even according to conservative estimates

How to prevent such security breaches from occurring?

This is where we come in. As the leading experts at detecting vulnerabilities in an organization’s cyber security, we excel at improving the capacity of your online infrastructure and ensuring its resilience in the light of the strongest existing cyber threats. This is because we have a vast amount of experience in improving the cyber security platforms of different types of organizations all over the world. Some of our services include:

Threat assessment

There are basically two ways only, of determining if your technological environment is vulnerable or not. Either wait for a breach to occur or run validation tests to find out if any vulnerability exists in the first place

We conduct our ‘cyber threat assessment’ to enhance your security while simultaneously upgrading your threat perception levels as well. This way, we can help determine precisely which application vulnerabilities may be directly responsible for allowing a breach to take place. We can also detect many different types of botnets as well as malware and advise you on how to cleanse your system from the same. Furthermore, we can also fine-tune your firewall after assessing its efficiency and give you an estimate of the probability of a potential breach occurring in your system.

Penetration Testing

We have the ability to conduct in-depth and comprehensive assessments of your whole technological environment, in much the same way a real hacker would try and find loopholes through which he can potentially access your system. We use the information so gleaned, to suggest actionable remedies on an immediate basis so that the vulnerabilities are removed as soon as possible.

Security Program Strategy

We help you draft your entire cyber security program strategy to ensure that there is no disruption because of any threat and in case such a disruption occurs to minimize the damage. We help the key stake holders of the organization to ensure that their ‘Information Security’ protocols are perfectly aligned to their core strategy so as to ensure that all of the organizational aims and objectives are met within given timelines.

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