cloud Computing

Our cloud services are both

dynamic and drawn to scale

Cloud computing has truly come of age and as such has been instrumental in transforming many business organizations from a static physical server based infrastructure to a completely cloud based solution.

Indeed, so great has been cloud computing’s effect for businesses in general that they have commenced moving towards a ‘need and demand based’ cloud infrastructure in lieu of most other types of physical infrastructure designs. The cloud based industry has gone through various cutting edge technological developments in both increased storage space as well as cyber security. Both of these key advances have been instrumental in driving the modern business enterprise towards cloud computing.

Basically, the cloud based service industry works on the premise that such services will be made available to any of its users as per the demands of the customer with the help of the internet, courtesy the cloud computing service provider. The service provider’s servers will provide storage and security for all of the client’s data needs as opposed to the same being delivered via the company’s own servers that may need to be physically present onsite.

Cost, reliability and security are our watchwords

No need to maintain
a separate infrastructure

Our cloud services are fully capable of dynamic scaling as par the needs and requirements of our clients. And since we supply all the software and hardware necessary for the safe and flawless functioning of the service, our clients are effectively saved from the expenses of provisioning and deploying their own precious resources for the same task. Nor for that matter, do they require the allocation of IT related personnel to manage their onsite data storage needs.

Some of the facilities that we provide include:

Managing technical support
Online data storage facility
Data backup solutions
Database processing
Document collaboration services
Web-based e-mail services

High performance cloud computing is the wave of the future

The world of data outsourcing

The sheer utility of outsourcing data management offers vast advantages with reference to ease of use for all our cloud services clients. The client company’s IT manager for instance, has the capability of giving both his own subordinates as well as the other employees of the organization near instantaneous access to all the required business applications that may be available in the cloud, though the simple expedient of signing up for those apps.

Considering the flourishing popularity of this platform and the resulting economies of scale, the overall costs of services have markedly decreased and we can offer subsidiary services such as web hosting and email at markedly lesser rates than ever before.

Greater security
and reliability

With an ever increasing surge in cyber threats, security is even more necessary in IT infrastructure of any organization. We understand these concerns of our clients and ensure that they are addressed, by providing an up-to-date architecture for all cloud based services. We realize that data storage is the primary need of our clients and its impregnability is our responsibility. That is why we try to exceed all the core requirements with regard to safety and security related issues.

✔ Managing hosting related functions

We manage hosting as a value-added feature for our clients that ranges from a dedicated private cloud all the way to virtualization of hosting services. This ensures that the organization would be able to administer its core tasks rather than using their valuable IT and infrastructure resources in conducting routine functions that can easily be outsourced at lesser expense.

This means, client can focus on the achievement of core business goals rather than on increasingly complex management of the main server environment. We have got a team of adept professionals who monitor the hosting environment 24/7 to make sure that there are no disruptions of any sort to the client’s business and it is up and running at least 99.9% of the time.

✔ Multiple ‘pay per use ‘only modules

We have a suitably robust selection of highly scalable applications available, that can be seamlessly integrated into your system and thus save you the high cost of physical ownership of the same. As a matter of fact, we have several fixed monthly cost packages for most of our cloud based services so as to help our clients ensure that their IT budgets are perfectly aligned with the usage of any application that they are paying for.

✔ Hybrid hosting solutions

In case you have an extensive and vast IT infrastructure already in place and only want to store some data offline for safety reasons, then look no further. We can help integrate your physical infrastructure with our cloud based one. We have got experience in such connectivity with reference to hybrid hosting solutions so that we can provide our clients with bespoke solutions that are tailor-made to their own requirements.