Artificial Intelligence (Expert System) Services

From ‘robot advisors’ to personal assistants, machine intelligence is finally coming into its own. Even though the term “artificial intelligence” or AI has been around for well over six decades, yet it is today that it is finally becoming part and parcel of our day to day lives Now AI is being used in the insurance industry, the banking sector, investment in mutual funds along with a whole range of other uses

AI as a Comprehensive 360-degree Service

We provide AI related services to different organizations so as to help develop an array of artificial intelligence solutions that are not just able to learn and also to implement that learning by rapidly increasing the speed of their respective learning curves. Some of the tools we use include natural language processing or NLP, different machine learning features as well as speech recognition software development

We are well versed in integrating artificial intelligence though the utilization of both semantic and cognitive technology and synergizing the same with different business processes and modules. We can also do the same for various third party applications across a cross section of different industries

Ultimately, our core aim is to connect our client’s business concern and its day to day working environment with highly reliable artificial intelligence. This will ultimately enable our clients to minimize labor and infrastructure related expenditures and thereby allow faster growth of the business, courtesy our AI solutions

Emerging risk identification modules through the man-machine learning paradigm

Comprehensive Analysis of Customer Requirements

We have accrued a lot of experience in conducting detailed analysis of our customers’ requirements so as to be able to deliver the best applications in the industry. This way we are able to ascertain beforehand, the needs and requirements of our clients to create the most focused and precise AI solutions possible. We are well versed in the design, the implementation and ultimately the seamless integration of all of our AI technology related solutions so that they can be inserted right within the client’s business environment without any fuss or problems

Speech Recognition

Speech recognition has been able to curtail the workload of many different organizations as well as the professionals who run the same. Our SR software can be utilized in different organizations to significantly increase their creativity

SR in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers are a very important part of society because they are the first line of defense when it comes to the security and safety of the entire community.

However, the vast amounts of tedious paper work and documentation that is required to be filed after every crime or incident means that such personnel would be liable to spend more time in the office than where they belong; i.e. effectively utilizing their manpower resources into considerably more important avenues

Before reliable SR took over, these officers had to meticulously type their reports and print the same, which often led to mistakes and subsequently, lower conviction rates. Now, thanks to the increasingly more common use of AI technology, they can easily dictate their status reports at their own convenience so that the same can be printed and filed

In this way not only has the AI equipped speech recognition software significantly cut the workloads of law enforcement departments all over the country, but also freed up their manpower resources for more pressing tasks

Speech Recognition in Health Care Facilities

Doctors are often amongst the most overworked professionals in the world and their workloads are further compounded by the many volumes of data they have to type or write with reference to the case files of their many patients

Here, it is important to point out that doctors as a rule are very finicky with regard to data entry because even an otherwise trivial mistake can potentially create very negative consequences for the patient. This is where intelligent speech recognition technology comes to the fore. Many different hospitals now use VR (voice recognition) technology to create data records and feed them into the system

Initially many doctors were wary of using a technology that had the potential of near catastrophic mistakes, but with time not just doctors but entire hospitals and other health care facilities have embraced intelligent VR based solutions for many of their data entry needs

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning as the term implies is all about helping machines to ‘learn,’ in a manner that can lead them to implement the learning through planning, interacting (both with humans and other machines) understanding and reasoning so that they can become more efficient and productive in the long-run with minimal human guidance

Here, the term machine learning is often colloquially used with ‘deep learning’ and in fact, both are mutually interchangeable terms. In fact, deep learning is more of an accelerated type of machine learning that utilizes a complex set of neural networks that aid the machine in its learning efforts. Apart from deep learning another method that enables machines to learn rapidly is ‘evolutionary learning’ in which the biological evolutionary process of mutations, combinations and selections is hardwired into the algorithms that allow the machine to learn rapidly

Financial Sector Services

Artificial intelligence significantly helps improve both risk selection and assessment with regard to market behavioral patterns. In fact, it can easily create highly effective modules due to its unique ability to both track emerging risks as well as identify market trends so as to create assessments that may be beyond the reach of human risk analysts

This way, our AI solutions can easily help develop ever newer sources of revenue generation for both individuals and corporations alike

Cognitive Computing

Cognitive computing essentially focuses on the simulation of human thought processes by studying how the mind works so that it can use this knowledge to create a more efficient platform for human and machine interactions. It uses machine learning and natural language processing to achieve its objectives. It can both magnify as well as extend the currently nascent cognitive abilities of machines and robots t hitherto unseen levels

Tomorrow’s Intelligence Solutions for Today’s Problems